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President & CFO

Caroline Goodman 

      Caroline Goodman is a seasoned business manager with a background deeply rooted in the construction and demolition industry. Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs in this field, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from her upbringing. Since 2007, Caroline has been actively involved in managing and operating various businesses. One notable achievement in Caroline's career is obtaining her general contractors  license in 2023, which further solidifies her expertise and credentials in the industry.  Caroline Goodman holds certifications as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Targeted Group Business (TGB). These certifications are significant indicators of her commitment to diversity and inclusion within the business landscape. Additionally, she has pursued education and certification, including becoming a certified erosion control manager and installer through the University of Minnesota. This demonstrates her commitment to maintaining high standards of environmental stewardship and compliance within her business practices.



Eric  Goodman

     Eric Goodman, Manager of Field Projects, brings to the table 20 years of extensive field management experience. He finds fulfillment in projects that unite families outdoors. With a keen eye for detail, adept time management skills, and a commitment to community enhancement, Eric has successfully executed various projects over the years. Among his proudest achievements are the full execution of bike paths, boardwalks, and pedestrian bridges, which have contributed significantly to improving outdoor spaces and fostering community engagement.

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